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For My Fellow Anglers who Live to Fish and Fish to Live

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

My girlfriend likes to act surprised every time I "actually" catch a fish :)


Hello Readers,

First off I'd like to thank you for visiting my site, which is a passion project for me. Without you, I'd essentially be talking to myself, so please know that I'm grateful for your support.

I love to fish! I first picked-up the hobby in NJ where I grew up thanks to neighbors and friends who were willing to take me, but after I got to HS, my interest tapered off. Fast forward 20 years, a career, kids, family, and all the BS that comes with being an middle-aged man (I think I qualify for this now anyway), and I picked it up again the summer of 2020. Since that first outing back, I've been at it every single morning before work and many evenings as well - which my GF and daughters love.


I'm not the most accomplished fisherman, nor the most talented, but I sure do love to explore new places, learn new techniques, try the best tackle, fish for new species, and whether I'm catching or not, I pursue it with all the enthusiasm of a kid begging to open their gifts on Christmas. It makes me feel ALIVE!

Maybe you feel the same way as I do, maybe you are looking for some new places to try out, or a trustworthy, genuine review of some gear, or maybe you ended up here accidently and are mildly amused by my rambling... whatever it is that got you here, thank you for coming.

If you find this site's content valuable, please help spread the word and make sure you subscribe for future updates. I plan to keep the content fresh and timely. If you have suggestions for new topics, more hotspots, gear to review, or any other friendly comments, please don't hesitate to shoot me a note via my contact me page.

Gratefully Yours,


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