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The Best Fishing Spots on the Merrimack River Part 2: Pike, Carp, Catfish & More

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

  1. Raymond J Martin Park: If you are facing the river from the parking lot, walk all the way left until you hit the fence, swing around the bottom of the fence to get to the other side and there’s a little spot there where the river intersects with a small stream. This is a great spot for Northern Pike.

  2. Lawrence Community Boating Center Public Boathouse: Head to the public boathouse, and there’s a very deep hole at the nexus of the river and a tributary, this is usually a very productive area for Carp, Pike and Perch.

  3. Ferrous Park, Lawrence: This is a strange park, and it's worth noting that you probably should avoid this area after dark, but the Spicket river runs into the Merrimack here and that makes the fishing pretty bomb, especially for Pike and Carp.

  4. Merrimack River Park, Haverhill, MA: Excellent spot with multiple access points along the whole park. Try the different access points, all of which feature different topography and thus are suitable for different species. Pay attention to the tide tables here, as the water levels and fish activity are influenced by the ebb and flow. I caught my first striper ever here in late April on clams.

  5. Washington Landing Park: This place is barely a park, it's more of a public boat ramp next to a private yacht club. Nonetheless, it's sort of out of the way and thus the fishing pressure is light. I've had luck with white catfish here, bottom fishing with shiners and worms.

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