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Real Useful Tips to Catch Bigger Bass, Trout, Stripers, Carp and More

Welcome to Fishing & Tech, your source for the best local fishing spots in NE, science based articles on fishing, and honest, independent, trustworthy fishing gear reviews. I'm a dad who lives in MA, works in healthcare, and sacrifices many hours of sleep to fish every single day. I promise to keep this blog updated regularly with fresh content, so please visit often and subscribe, comment, follow on social, and contribute your knowledge. I'll be sharing my favorite striper spots all along the coasts of MA, NH, RI and CT, tips on where to catch lake trout and huge bass at Wachusett Reservoir, where to find the honey holes for rainbow trout, and much more. Thank you so, so much for your support! Let's increase our Angling Intelligence (AI) together!

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